Fall in Full Force

With fall in full swing, I thought I would put together a simple list of my top 5 favorite ways to dress up your home as the weather turns from sweaty to cozy. I hope you find these ideas easy and fun!

  1. Candles! This is the easiest way to add a wonderfully seasonal aroma and feeling to your house without hardly lifting a finger. Everyone has a friend who’s house always smells like they just baked cookies and that makes their abode even more friendly and inviting than it was to begin with.IMG_6397
  2. Flowers brighten up any space and around this time of year, you can easily find fabulous fall themed bunches at your local grocery store. If your green thumb is more or less a brown one, then fake flowers will also do the trick! Hobby lobby and Micheals have a great selection but I have found good ones even at the dollar store!IMG_6398
  3. Pumpkins add a little charm wherever you set them and they last a very long time. If you keep your pumpkin intact, it will last you well into the wintery season. I have found all kinds of fun shapes and sizes of pumpkins at all of my local grocers, feel free to mix and match, there is no wrong way to do it
  4. A simple table setting can make all the difference during the holidays, making your home look put together and festive with little effort. I don’t know about you but the $1 area at Target gets me every time and I have found the best place setting items there for under $3!IMG_6394
  5. Scented soaps and lotions around the house add decor and practicality to your fall obsession. The soap I have on my kitchen sink is by ****** and I love it! This brand makes it easy to find matching sets of all your soaps and detergent needs, also satisfying my mild OCD.IMG_6400

I hope these tips get you in the fall spirit and help your home look a little extra seasonal this year!

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