“Oh! So you are a decorator?”

One point I really want this blog to get across is the fact that I and all of my wonderful classmates are in fact NOT interior decorators. We are architects that deal mainly with the insides of buildings. Every time this happens to me I always try to take the opportunity to explain to them the difference between someone who designs the building versus someone who picks paint colors. Both are important jobs, they are just very different jobs.

In my studies, I have taken classes on everything from construction management to psychology because I am creating the spaces people work, live and play in. I have had to learn building codes and every counter height requirement that exists all while making sure every part of my design fits within the concept I had planned out for the space. A door way that has to be able to fit a wheelchair and also feel cozy can be a challenge but that is where my brain comes in.

Brainstorming is the initial start to the process and then I move into bubbles. This process helps guide my mind around the space on paper so I can get a feel for how big the building really is and how many different spaces will be within that building, Slowly, the bubbles will become walls and before you know it, my brain will be placing furniture faster than I can draw it.

Every time a go to start a large space, I stare at the floor plans wondering how I am ever going to wrap my head around this, but I always begin with those bubbles and every time I am able to create something that I am pretty proud of. In the end, I know that it doesn’t matter what people think I do, it matters that I know what I do and that I do it well. So I will continue to create spaces for people to enjoy, even though I know what I do is not fully understood.

One thought on ““Oh! So you are a decorator?”

  1. I think it would be really cool if you showed some pictures of what a decorator would create VS what an architect who deals with the insides of buildings would. Also, such a cool field to study in!


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