What is Recycling Anyways?

Today I was given the smelly opportunity of touring the Fort Collins Recycling Facility. The facility was a lot smaller than what I was expecting and it was only comprised of around 10 large metal bins for general materials and some smaller areas for materials that require a lengthier process to reuse. Did you know, everyone pays an upfront charge to recycle paint when they first buy it, regardless of if you actually recycle it or not? So go recycle your paint!

Also, I was not shocked to find out that the recycling of electronics is the fastest growing stream in the recycling business right now. Crazy, I know! Most families have either an old tube T.V. lying around or something of the nature that can actually be recycled. It takes a certain facility to do it because it does take special equipment to tear apart our beloved VHS projectors but its well worth it in the end.

So what happens to the collection of recyclables we have removed from outside our homes each week? Well it goes through a very time consuming sorting process, approximately 500 tons a day a processed through a transfer station in Granby, CO to them be trucked to its prospective center to be made into something new.

So Im sure you are wondering what this has to do with my career as an Interior Architect. One of my current projects is a recycling center in Todos Santos, Mexico to establish a recycling process in that area. This visit was research for me to understand how a recycling facility works and what parts may not be needed in a less established area of Mexico. I will be visiting Todos Santos in November, there will be more to come!


The new area dedicated to the surplus of TVs being recycled here.
The plastics bin, this is only one days worth!
These are bins dedicated to recycling paint, which you already paid for!


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